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Would you like pep guardiola to be our next manager?

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3v3lyn on 27-04-2012 at 12:02:20

Pep Guardiola, wide known for being one of the best managers in the world (or the manager of the best team in the world) has told to his players he's not going to continue coaching FC Barcelona.

Guardiola might leave Barcelona


At least this is what Spanish media are claiming. So, Pep Guardiola might be free for anyother club who want to buy him. Well, not exactly, because some sources say that he might take a break from coaching.


Everything's still on the air, but due to the nature of the subject I thought it was worth discussing about it.

If he were a chance... would you sign Guardiola as next season's manager?


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3v3lyn on 27-04-2012 at 12:03:10

my say? as I commented on the piece of news I don't think our players would want him as a coach,, there would be a clash of titans,, with egos fighting every now and then...

the other day I was complaining about the style we showed in the first leg match, with an absolute deffensive strategy, and Guardiola has nothing to do with this kind of play. we are not like that, we don't wait 35passes to shoot. we wouldn't stand it! I hope we would, but I don't see it happening...

we have physical players, we should sell/buy lots of players to make a team like barcelona.

I don't think guardiola is a solution. for what we have and for what's fair, I think we should go on with Di Matteo

zolagianfranco on 27-04-2012 at 12:22:21

Give the guy a break, guardiola has done a brilliant job at Barca. He has earned a break away from management ! he deserves a decent break away and try to enjoy the life. the situation is perfect, we can keep RDM next season, we will see if he is good as manager, if he not we will try get guardiola next year, after his break

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