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Game rules

Classification in the football betting

1 radenmas 630 points
2 abex1 540 points
3 ibangura 540 points
4 mwanake 330 points
5 ahaue 240 points
6 mutune 240 points
7 lumbwani 120 points
8 Kulmiye68 30 points
9 aeze 30 points
10 Don360 30 points

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Game rules


    1. To participate you have to be log in.

    2. It can only be bet one result per match.

    3. The bet can be made or changed until 5 hours befor the match. Later, bets won't be accepted.

    HOW I WIN?

    1. Two kind of winners are defined:

    - Players who get the exact numerical result right

    ex. When a 3-0 is bet and the final result of the match is exactly 3-0.

    - Players who get the result of the match right? -> VICTORY / DRAW / DEFEAT

    ex. When a 3-0 is bet and the final result of the match is a victory but not for 3-0 but for 2-1 for exemple; also when the result is a draw: if you've bet a 1-1 and the final result is a 0-0.

    - If the match is settled for penalties, only goals made within the 90 minutes and the extra time will count


    1.You will eran 120 points if you get the exact result.

    2. If you do not get the exact result, but you get the win, draw or defeat right (1X2), then you earn 30 points.

    3. The results will not be stacked, nor they are accumulated. The maximum point earning per match is 120 points.

Previous winners

The ones with a winning bet:

Arsenal Arsenal 2 - 1 Chelsea Chelsea

There isn't any available record of the ones who have got the right result on this match